LittleBigPlanet 2 Review


Media Molecule


Sony Computer Entertainment


Playstation 3


3 Players: 1-4 (Online & Offline)

Release Date:

January 18, 2011


2.5D Platformer, adventure

-Jovan St. Lawrence

Platforming madness returns with Little Big Planet 2.

The successor of the first Little Big Planet, back in 2008 takes that formula from the original and expands on it with an enormous amount of content right at launch. All downloaded costumes for your Sackboy and levels that players have amassed in Little Big Planet will immediately be transferred to Little Big Planet 2; which saves a great deal of time with the importing process. The Little Big Planet community is stronger than ever in the second major installment of the series. No more are players strictly limited to platforming levels, but now are able to create different types of levels including racing, fighting, puzzle, & role-playing levels as well. Players can also create their very own heads-up display to accommodate the type of level they created.

Multiple levels can even be linked in a series of levels so as you finish one level, you immediately move to the next section of the series. There are also brand new animation recording options that can now add full motion cut-scenes to go with their level design. The main camera can be manipulated to go along with cut-scenes and gameplay as well like in the God of War games. Players can also create Sackbots. However, Sackbots are only controlled throughout levels by the level creator.

So Little Big Planet 2 has a story to it now. After your adventures in the first Little Big Planet, a vacuum of some sort called the Negativitron, begins to appear over the skies and sucks everything up including Sackboy. Not too long after, Larry Da Vinci shows up and saves you from the Negativitron and begins to talk to you about a semi-secret organization within the world of Little Big Planet known as, The Alliance. After passing all of Larry’s trials, you must go on a brand new adventure throughout Little Big Planet once again with your Sackbot army to defeat the Negativitron. You meet new, interesting characters, (who are hilarious to talk to by the way) within the Alliance and encounter brand new levels to replay over and over again.

As of 2012, nearly four million levels have been created in both Little Big Planet games (not including the PSP version of LBP). A community site, allows players to share in-game creations more easily. Players sign-in with their PSN account info and begin with the sharing. You can also search for new levels to play by adding them to your “Queue”. When you start to play Little Big Planet 2, your searches are added to the game’s servers and ready for you to play once you boot up the game.

Little Big Planet 2 offers an insurmountable amount of content right off the bat. The new story mode has brilliant variety to it as well. These new story levels have their own wit and imagination to them. The visuals are breathtaking and the online community is very optimistic about this game’s future as far as content goes. Thousands of Sackboy costumes, millions of user-created levels & brand new creation tools that impress and dazzle for these new levels make this the ultimate platforming experience. Truly, Little Big Planet 2 offers a great opportunity to explore a whole new world while creating new, deep, and diverse new worlds ourselves.

The Pros:

  • All costumes and levels from LBP1 are already imported
  • Story levels once again have incredible amounts of replay value
  • Massive amounts of user created content
  • Creation tools have expanded from its predecessor
  • Infinite creation possibilities due to new creation tools
  • Gorgeous new levels in the story
  • Brilliant narration by Stephen Fry (once again)
  • Co-Op is a hectic and fun experience
  • Licensed and original tracks in the soundtrack are quirky and funny

The Cons:

  • Although story mode is great, it still feels like a huge tutorial


Little Big Planet 2: Runaway Train Stage

Whoa! Jovan of Emptywalletgamer believed that LittleBigPlanet 2 deserved a peferct 100%. Between offering a fun story, engrossing online community and other various accomplishments, he stands by his decision. Would you all agree with the perfect score for LBP2?