Madden 13 Preview

-Jimmy Kovalski

“Another year, another Madden.” We have all heard it. Hell, we have most likely all said this phrase once or twice. This year’s Madden is probably going to be the same, just like every other year, right? Well, I am happy and pretty surprised to say that…no it’s not. With the extensive time I have had with the game, I can happily say that this year’s madden is the greatest step forward that the franchise has ever taken.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way; the game looks really good. Sure, the EA Sports games have never looked “bad” but Madden 13 looks incredible. Player models are crisp, animations are smooth, stadiums look life-like and the models for Phil Sims and Jim Nantz (the in-game commentators) look amazing. The over-lays for each game and replays are really nicely done and the sound quality is what you would expect from a Madden game. The commentators do a decent job but lack the flare that the commentators have in the 2K games. If you pause the game at any moment and really study all the little details, the game is easily EA’s best looking and most detailed sports title to date.

Madden 13’s biggest upgrade this year is the new infinity engine and real-time physics. How does it work? Well…awesome! Out of the several hours I have spent with the game I really never seen the same tackle twice. Think Backbreaker…except less over the top. Sure every once in awhile there was a real awkward animation, or a players legs bending in a way that’s not so realistic but this is defiantly a huge step forward for the franchise.

We are still a little over a week away from the release of Madden 13 and this is looking to be the best Madden game to date. I didn’t have any time with any of the game modes so we will see how well those are done but I was very pleased with what I saw and played.