Major Xbox Announcement On The Way?

-Marcus Lawrence

With rumors and speculation floating around the internet, everyone is wondering when Microsoft will make their move against Sony and the PS4. Well this bit of information might just give you the answer you seek.

Yesterday, a domain name registered as “” was spotted by U.S. Techs, an event management company which also goes by the name of Eventcore.

U.S. Techs is also responsible for revealing past Xbox-related domains plus Microsoft’s 2013 Hosting Summit. Again, this could just be another speculation seeing how a Microsoft representative has yet to confirm the news. The XboxEvent website isn’t even up yet; furthering the idea of speculation or it could just not be ready at this time.

Could this be the start of Microsoft’s retaliation against Sony’s press conference? Several reports say Microsoft’s media event will happen sometime in April.

Microsoft has not publicly announced anything for their next generation system, so the speculations and rumors will continue thus far.