Marvel vs. Capcom Origins Release Date Announced

-Jovan St. Lawrence

Marvel vs Capcom Origins was announced back in July. This great downloadable title consists of two games: Marvel Super Heroes & Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. With 2009’s re-release of Marvel vs Capcom 2, it was only logical and a no-brainer that Capcom would eventually come back to the roots of the fighting cross over that started it all. Well, this classic two game bundle releases on September 26th.

Marvel Super Heroes & Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes are both packaged with HD interface, unlockables in forms of artwork and such, save-able replays, challenges (just as in Street Fighter: 3rd Strike Online Edition), and 8-player lobbies with spectator mode. Are you looking forward to playing these Capcom originals next month?

Marvel vs Capcom Origins releases on Xbox Live Arcade & PlayStation Network on September 26 (US) for $15 (1200 MS Points)