Medal Of Honor Warfighter Review

By: Jimmy Kovalski

Developer: Danger Close

Publisher: EA

Players: 1 (2-20 Multiplayer)

Rating: M for Mature (Blood, Intense Violence and Strong Language)

Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC

Release Date: October 23rd

Not So Honorable

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is the sequel to the Medal of Honor reboot in 2010 that was developed in tandem by Danger Close and DICE but this time around it is being developed purely by Danger Close. Now before I go into my review I will state that I am one of the few people that found Medal of Honor (2010) to be quite good and while my expectations weren’t really high for Warfighter, I never expected the game to be this bad.

Warfighter follows the same premise that its predecessor had, to make you feel like you are a Tier 1 Operator. All of the missions in Warfighter are inspired by true events as told by real life Tier 1 Operators. Unfortunately, you never really have a sense that you are some military bad-ass. The games plot revolves around two things. Preacher, who is one of the playable characters; and his relationship with his wife and the standard typical find and eliminate certain targets that are branded terrorists. The family aspect of the game is really poorly done as I never cared for preacher or his wife and I could care less if they broke it off or saved their marriage. The game has several scenes that try to draw you in and make you care but it just never works.

The other main plot revolves around tracking down terrorists suspects and trying to stop them. It is your standard military shooter storyline. You will raid a beach, assault villages in search of the targets and chase after suspects. Once you find one suspect you go off to find another one and then ultimately the ring leader of the bunch. If you have played any military shooter in the past decade you have played Warfighter. I will say that the game does get a little interesting toward the end but the story overall is pretty lackluster and you will forget about it in the morning.

The game does have quite a few different set-pieces throughout the game. One mission will have you sneak through a village silently taking guys down and another will have you sniping targets from a distance. While they are quite a few different missions types; none of them feel new or entertaining. The one interesting thing Danger Close added to the game is a few driving sequences. These are interesting because they are not on rails but they give you total control over the vehicle. Some of the guys at EA that have worked on the Need for Speed series actually helped out during these missions and it shows because I found these missions to be the most enjoyable out of the whole game. The missions are just glorified car chases but the fact the driving feels so good and responsive really took me by surprise. It almost feels as if you’re actually playing a Need for Speed game, a low budget one but one nonetheless.

The gameplay for Warfighter handles just as you would expect from a First-Person Shooter. Besides the said driving sequences, the gameplay takes no risks and adds nothing new. The game does have a cover system of sorts. You can hide behind things and “lean” from them and shoot. This mechanic works but it never gives you a tactical advantage over your enemies. The game also offers you the ability to get ammo from your squad-mates. At anytime during the campaign if you are running low on ammo you can just get some from your teammates. Your side arm at all times always has unlimited ammo as well so between these two features you can be rest assured that you will never have an ammo problem. Overall, the gameplay that’s here works and can be enjoyable if you like shooting things but I felt like I was just going through the paces the whole time.

One of my major problems with the game was the A.I for both my squad-mates and the enemies. You always have at least one other person with you and sometimes up to four or five but they are absolutely useless. Besides giving you ammo at your request, the shoot a lot but never hit anything. They also get in your way most of the time and they even go as far as pushing you out of cover which leaves you open to enemy fire. The enemies are quite dumb as they will just rush toward you and leave themselves open to attack. They also have the typical FPS “god-like” aiming, unbelievable grenade throws and complete obliviousness of your teammates. Prepare to do all the killing and have all the bullets fired at you. This is standard in most military FPS’s nowadays but it does get quite tiresome.

Presentation is a complete mixed bag. The game does run on the Frostbite 2 engine which allows for some stellar graphics but the game never uses it to its full potential. There are times where the game will look really impressive with explosions, partial effects and gun models. Other times however the game can look pretty mediocre. I experienced a ton of texture pop-in, muddy textures, and other random graphical inconsistencies. The game looks really bad when you jump into the multiplayer. It’s no industry secret that many games multiplayer modes are toned down from the single player but this is inexcusable. In multiplayer the game looks down right bad with bad character models, muddy to no textures and pop-ins. The game also has special cut-scenes in the game that do have a higher graphical quality to them and they look pretty convincing at times. However; what is up with Preachers family? They look like enemies you should be shooting at in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Most character models are good but these two just look bad. So bad that it is uncomfotable.

Sound quality is on par with most games out there. Gun fire and explosions sound really good and are even better with a surround sound, voice acting is decent enough but not great and the soundtrack is standard military game stuff. I did have instances of sound cutting out on me at times but only for a few mere seconds. I experienced the same with EA’s Battlefield games so I’m not sure whats up there.

On to the part that will keep you playing Medal of Honor: Warfighter for months to come, or that is what EA is hoping. The multiplayer last time around was developed by DICE but this time it is all on the shoulders of Danger Close and its shows. In short the multiplayer is not very good. As soon as you boot up the multiplayer portion you are bombarded with a cluttered, hard to navigate and messy menu screen. Once you figure out where to go to play you have all the standard multiplayer modes to choose from. They all work just as you would expect but the lack of anything truly “new” is disappointing. Once in game, the gameplay does not feel nearly as good as the 2010 Medal of Honor. It just feels “cheap.” Hit direction is a bit off and the guns are just not satisfying at all. There are also no destructible environments either. This is disappointing because we all know what Frostbite 2 is capable of. I wasn’t expecting Battlefield levels of destructibility but a little would have been nice.

The maps are pretty unbalanced and they have no “character.” At times it just feels like you’re running around an empty, lifeless space. The most damning thing about the multiplayer is that it just feels unfinished. This is weird since the game had a massive day one patch but the amount of glitches and bugs in multiplayer are serious disappointments. Many of times I have fallen through the map or have spawned on the outskirts of the map. These along with other glitches severely ruin any fun you might find in the multiplyer.

The multiplayer does have a couple of good points. For one, the customization is very impressive. Each gun can be customized in a ton of different ways to silencers, scopes, magazine and skins so you can really personalize each gun to your liking. Many of the attachments do increase or decrease certain stats of the gun which ensures no one in a game has the exact same gun. You also have many different classes to choose from. Want to be a sniper? Check. Want to just make things go boom? Check. Stealthy? Yeah there is that too. With each class you also pick which country to represent. These countries have different perks and skills which deepens the already deep customization options.

The multiplayer also has this thing called a “buddy-system.” When you are in a game, the game assigns you a buddy. With this buddy you can give ammo and health and get more points for helping them kill someone or just being in the area. This creates a kind of teamwork that a lot of games don’t have and is a nice change to this type of multiplayer game. Overall, however; the multiplayer is quite lackluster. It has all the modes and ranking systems that come with pretty much every FPS nowadays and the few additions are nice but it just doesn’t feel finished. Actually playing the multiplayer is unsatisfying and the amount of glitches are disappointing.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a lackluster, boring and uninspired mess. The single player is forgetable and the multiplayer feels rushed and unfinished. The game lacks any kind of polish that a game of this caliber should have and the even thought of competing with Battlefield, Halo or Call of Duty is laughable.


+Surprisingly fun driving sequences

+“Buddy System” is a cool idea

+A ton of customization in multiplayer

+Linkin Park song in the credits…..okay at this point I’m digging for pros


-Forgettable story and characters

-Gameplay is boring

-Presentation is a serious mixed bag

-Multiplayer is unpolished, unfinished and not fun

-Bad A.I.

-Seriously Preacher! What is wrong with your wife and daughter?

Final Verdict: 4.5/10

Price at Review: $60

I don’t recommend this game at $20 let alone $60. Stay away from this game. If you truly want to play it and can’t resist, rent it.

**This was the Playstation 3 version of the game. Any noticeable differences between the systems will be specified**

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