Microsoft Is Throwing The Ban-Hammer Toward Early Halo 4 Players

-Jimmy Kovalski

Halo 4 is not due out for a few weeks yet but that has not deterred people from getting their hands on early copies of the game. If you are one of these people, you best look out, Microsoft is issuing lifetime bans to all players who play Halo 4 early. XBL users found playing the game early are being given permanent bans from the service. Microsoft is figuring that if you’re playing the game early, you’ve got hold of a pirated copy and that if you’re playing a pirated copy, you’ve also got a modded Xbox 360. Giving the company plenty of grounds to act swiftly with the banhammer.

Below is a image of the email you will get if you have been playing Halo 4 early and have been caught doing so.