MtGt: Music to Game to - letlive.

-Eric Lee Lewis

Welcome to my first installment of MtGt. This is going to be my weekly look at certain bands that deserve attention and what games to play while listening to these groups. Sure, the music may not be for everybody, but I have a very wide array of music types that I listen to. Therefore, somebody can find something they will like. With that being said, let’s get this going. 


Yep, letlive. One word. This isn’t let…live. This band is by far my favorite band that exists in this universe. Think Refused mixed with glassjaw with multiple other sounds. Hell, most of the readers probably haven’t heard of this band. Kerrang! (The world’s biggest metal and alternative music magazine) once changed the dates on their magazine to say day/month/20ll. 

letlive - Fake History

One minute you are listening to ear-blistering upbeat metal mixed with bongos and the next moment you are listening to a heartfelt jazz song. letlive is the only band that I have ever heard that can really make you feel what Jason Aalon Butler is conveying through his stellar lyrics. This is the music to play to a great duck-and-cover game with pauses in action or furious shootouts. 

Gears of War 3 is the perfect game to listen to letlive’s Fake History album to. The pacing of the album really matches up to the pacing of the action of Gears 3. It almost seems eerily like it was meant to be. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. I recommend trying this for yourself. Find some of letlive’s stuff on YouTube and shoot some grubs.

I should make it known that I have an incredible love and respect for this band. I had even went and gotten the ll. tattooed on my arm. 

-I know, it looks weird. My skin doesn’t handle ink that well- 

LETLIVE - Casino Columbus

Are you willing to try this out and do you like this feature?