NBA Game Time Releases on Xbox Live

-Jovan St. Lawrence

Microsoft has announced that NBA Game Time is now available in the U.S for Xbox Live Gold members. They will soon announce dates for all other Xbox Live countries shortly. 

NBA Game Time will provide the following features for Xbox 360 Gold members:

  • Live Games, Highlights, Replays all in HD - Users will have access to every season game, and archived season games for replay all in HD. Game recaps in under 10 minutes will also be provided.
  • My Teams - Choose your favorite team and get the latest news on trades, releases, wins, losses and minute to minute stats on your favorite players.
  • Stats & Standings - Get the up to date lists of players leading the league in Points, Rebounds, and so on. Also find which teams are leading their respective divisions and conferences.
  • Split Screen - Ability to watch two live games at once, watch a live game on one screen and highlights of another game on the other screen.
  • Voice & Gesture Control with Kinect - Navigate through games, skip to the next quarter, play, pause, rewind all with your movements and/or voice.