New PS3 Firmware Unifies Trophies, No More "Life With Playstation"

-Jimmy Kovalski

Sony has shed some light on the next upcoming Firmware update for the Playstation 3. Firmware update 4.30 will change how Trophies are viewed on PlayStation 3 as the trophy list will now be moved from the Games list to the PlayStation Network list. Also, trophies earned on PlayStation Vita will finally be viewable on PlayStation 3, which was not the case previously.

Update 4.30 will also usher in the final weeks of the Life With PlayStation application and its primary purpose; the Folding@home service, a collaboration between Sony and Stanford University. Folding@home was a way for idle PS3 users to lend “computation hours” to the university as it researched ailments such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.