Nintendo 3DS XL announced

That’s right people, Nintendo announced to the world that an updated version of the Nintendo 3DS will be arriving soon. Dubbed 3DS XL, it lives up to the name as you can tell by the size. The retail value is $199.99 and will be released in the US on August 19th. It will first be released in Europe and Japan on July 28th but a price is not known yet.

The top screen is now 4-5 inches bigger while the bottom one is around 4 inches. The absolution for both handhelds are the same but the XL just has bigger screens.

As for battery life, the 3DS XL holds a much longer battery life than the original; the battery will take about 3 hours to charge up though.

Apparently, the US bundle will come with an AC adapter while the European and Japanese packs do not. The color options will be Red and Blue, though its said that Europe and Japan will have a third option: Silver.