Nintendo Wii U Rundown

Earlier today, Nintendo of America President & COO, Reggie Fils-Aime released all the information we needed on Wii U. First off, the release date and pricing for Wii U was revealed. There will be two separate Wii U bundles. The Basic Pack contains 8GB of storage with HDMI cable, Wii U GamePad, two AC adapters for Wii U console & GamePad all priced at $299.99 (US). the Premium Pack consists of everything in the Basic Pack and more, with the exception of storage. The Premium Pack will contain a black Wii U console & GamePad, 32GB of storage, console stand, GamePad stand, and charging cradle for the Wii U Game Pad. It also comes bundled with Nintendo Land & a Nintendo Network Premium Subscription, which gives players discounts on the Wii U eShop. The Premium Pack will be priced at $349.99 (US).

The launch day games have been confirmed as New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Madden NFL 13, Fifa 13, ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Mass Effect 3, & Call of Duty: Black Ops II and others as well. The full line-up of Nintendo Land’s 12 attractions (both single player and multi player) have been revealed along with a demo of the new attraction, Metroid: Blast. The US launch list dates have not been confirmed yet but we can assume that the dates will be incredibly short between each other.

The biggest surprise was Nintendo picking up Platinum Games’ Bayonetta 2. It will be a Wii U exclusive. Platinum’s other project will be The Wonderful 101 (formerly known as Project P-100) which is a superhero-strategy mash up game. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will also be coming in the launch window with special Wii U content and bonuses, such as, exclusive Nintendo power-ups and costumes. Activision is also bringing Skylanders Giants to the Wii U and Sega will be bringing Aliens: Colonial Marines in Early 2013. Capcom also announced that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be coming to Wii U and 3DS with compatibility features between the two systems.

The Nintendo Wii U console features over 50 titles in its launch window in North America & Europe (Between Nov 13-March 2013). Will you be purchasing one at launch? If so, which bundle will you be getting?