No Co-op or Handheld versions for Star Wars 1313

-Marcus Lawrence

Star Wars 1313 will remain a single-player experience title and will not include handheld versions at this time; if ever. Some new information in the form of new footage did make an appearance at Star Wars Celebration VI. LucasArts even answered some questions that many eager people wanted to know; such as how the game will remain a single-player game and that downloadable content will be available.

Sadly, LucasArts didn’t give out any clues as to who the main characters really are; the hero and partner are just placeholders until the real duo show up. For all those hoping to go around, blasting holes into the wall with a friend, will probably be disappointed with this news but this game looks amazing and the lack of co-op doesn’t faze me in the slightest.

If you’ve yet to see any trailer for what looks to be a great Star Wars shooter, now is the time. Click HERE for the link.