Noby Noby Boy Review


Namco Bandai


Namco Bandai


Playstation 3, iOS

Release Date:

PSN: February 19, 2009

iOS: February18, 2010 




single-player, multiplayer

ESRB Rating:


-Keith Michael

I just want start this review by saying it’s games like Noby Noby Boy that really give the EWG crew a reason to exist. Namco has made some pretty fun games in the past like Katamari Forever and Pacman. I figured why not give Noby Noby Boy a shot. That was a bad idea; I honestly think this was the worst videogame purchase I have ever made. Noby Noby Boy is a terrible game that may only be fit for kids 5 and under. It has no real point, no coherent story, no objective in any way, and it has terrible graphics. 

You are this thing called Boy, which looks more like a strange space poodle. Though it is not made clear, apparently your main goal is to help girl stretch as far as she can by stretching as far as you can and that’s the long and short of it. You start off with this little fairy creature talking to you about a bunch of things involving another space poodle called girl and stretching to the moon. It was all a bunch of gibberish and nothing that came out of the fairy’s mouth made any sense. He gives you your tutorial through riddles. This forces you to figure out how to move and stretch by yourself. After this, the fairy tells you that there is no point to the game, “you won’t be rolling anything up in this game and there is no finish line.” This game has nothing to offer and I found myself not caring about the nonsense that was coming out of it after about 15 minutes.

If the terrible story and lack of point didn’t kill this game for me, then the gameplay definitely did. There are about three things that can be done in Noby Noby Boy. The first and probably closest thing to fun in the game is stretching Boy out to huge lengths. Boy can be controlled with both analog sticks, one controls his head while the other controls his rear. All that you have to do is push the two sticks away from each other and Boy will stretch longer and longer. The levels are floating platforms that come in different varieties and are littered with things like people, boxes, barrels, and other random objects. There are several “different” types of levels that are supposed to be other planets, or that’s at least what I think. Each level is almost exactly the same and only changes slightly based on the gravity and debris that is on the ground. Boy can also eat certain small objects in the game. Afterward, they go through his body and come out the other side. If stretching out longer than the level itself and pooping out small barrels doesn’t sound like fun, then I doubt the pointless flying will tickle your fancy. I did figure out that if you fly and stretch your Boy at the same time, you can tie him into a knot and this was probably the most fun Noby Noby Boy had to offer.

This game is terrible and I would not recommend it to anyone. The sad thing is that I paid about five dollars for Noby Noby Boy. I want to let every one know to stay away from this game at all cost.


Noby Noby Boy - Teaser Trailer

Were you a victim of Noby Noby Boy or are you a fan of this game?