Obsidian Teasing New Game

-Jimmy Kovalski

The Obsidian official website is teasing something and none of us are quite sure of what.

The page currently features the number four surrounded by an Ouroboros, an ancient symbol depicting a snake or a dragon eating its own tail. The text below reads: “What do the words mean? Nothing. The Dirge of Eír Glanfath is sound without form, a lone voice crying out in mourning because it must.”

If you click the image it takes you to a forum named “Project X Speculation & Discussion.” Obsidian wants us to take wild out of left field guesses on this one and that is exactly what the crew here at GGN are doing.

This is really interesting as Obsidian is currently working on the South Park RPG; South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Stick with GGN for all further news and discussion on Obsidian’s new game.