October DLC Revealed For Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs will be getting its first batch of downloadable content in the month of October. Here is a rundown on what each pack will bring to the table.

  • The Street Racer Pack: Adds a new car, bike and boat race to the game, as well as a Sting superbike, a Dragon helmet and a Racing jacket that gives added protection from gunfire.
  • SWAT Pack:20 new and replayable cop missions will be available. Plus, a unique SWAT outfit and van comes with the pack.
  • Tactical Solider Pack:Offers players the most powerful weapons and armor in the game.
  • Community Gift Pack:This DLC will be completely free and will contain a surprise for players that download it.

The October DLC will go hand in hand with the first story-driven game extension. That expansion will be announced at this year’s New York Comic-Con on October 14th. Check out the trailer to see the content in action.