Open Beta For PlayStation All-Stars Arriving Soon

-Marcus Lawrence

November 20th… that’s the date when PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale graces retail shelves. With the release date so close to home, nobody expect SuperBot Entertainment (the developers) to launch a public open beta. Here are the following dates and requirements for testing out the beta:

  • October 16th (17th UK): Everyone can download the beta on PlayStation Vita.
  • October 16th (17th UK): Only PlayStation Plus member can download the beta on PS3.
  • October 23rd (24th UK): Everyone has access to the beta on PS3.

Of course, players won’t have access to the full game but rather a limited portion.

  • Players can only use Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Parappa, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper and Fat Princess.
  • The Metropolis and Hades stages are the only ones available.
  • There will be online, so players can engage in 2v2 tournaments and the regular bouts.*Note:You can invite friends to help put the smackdown on other people.

Don’t forget to download the beta if it applies to you because it ends October 30th.