Opinion: Gamer Girls? What Happened to Gamers?

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts expressed in this article are those of Eric Lee Lewis and not to be intended as the thoughts of Empty Wallet Gamer.

-Eric Lee Lewis

For too long I have sat back and wondered about why girl gamers have to label themselves as such. Blogs and sites have been made for these such groups. In all honesty, I can NOT take that terminology serious. Now, before you stop reading this and angrily close the page please allow me to explain.

The idea of women playing games is wonderful. I, in fact, love that everyone can play video games, especially with the advent of a lot of games allowing us to create our character in any way that we please. No longer do our characters have to be the stereotypical hard-boiled white man. 

Also, in no way am I sexist, I love women. When the words “girl gamer” or “gamer girl” get used together I simply want to rip my hair out. Why do you separate yourself from the pack of proud gamers? Just because you have a vagina and play a game doesn’t make you different. 

The feeling of these ladies is usually that of being cast out from the gaming community because they play games. That is not it at all. It’s as simple as this; if a black man plays games, does he call himself a black gamer? This goes for any race or religion also. The aforementioned terms just need to go away. 

Now, the terminology is bad enough in this instance, but, it gets worse. A lot of times these “gamer girls” are too busy showing their breasts or parts of them to others while holding a controller. This does not make you a gamer because you picked up a controller and modeled it in front of your breasts with the marks on your shirt from you recently tugging upon it to show more skin. 

I know that we are liable to lose support and readers over this. At the same time, I feel like somebody needed to say these things in a way that wasn’t overly sexist sounding or demeaning. After all, these “gamer girls” are demeaning themselves by grouping themselves with such terms.  The basic rule of the world is women want (and deserve) equality. I truly agree with these statements but, doesn’t this separate any idea of being equal?