'Osiris' Revealed?


-Marcus Lawrence

Thanks to NeoGAF users, video evidence of an unannounced Ubisoft title called Osiris has been leaked.

The trailer even notes that this mysterious project is

“from the studio that brought you Assassin’s Creed”. Up until now, this title hasn’t seen the light of day. The last we heard of “Osiris” was five months ago when a rough demo was posted to composer Mark Kilian’s Vimeo account. 

Because of the video, many people speculated that the “Prince of Persia” series was getting a reboot. That no longer seems to be the case because Ubisoft has confirmed yesterday how the franchise is “paused” for the time being.

Maybe this “Osiris” title could be a new IP Ubisoft is working on or something else entirely. Only time will tell.