Perfect Timing For This Sleeping Dogs DLC

-Marcus Lawrence 

Coming out October 30th is the very first story-driven expansion for Sleeping Dogs. Just in time for Halloween, this DLC revolves around the undead. Yup, you read that correctly; zombies play a massive role in the expansion. Titled ‘Nightmare in North Point, players will reprise their role as Wei Shen.

The story has to do with a gang member that was tortured and killed by the Triads. Instead of staying dead, the individual rises from the grave and he isn’t alone. An entire undead army accompanies the tortured soul and it’s up to players to deal with the situation.

As if zombies weren’t enough, Wei Shen has to deal with Chinese vampires known as Jiang Shi. A peach wood sword is given to Wei Shen in order to effectively combat the vampires.

At this time, no price has been announced for the Nightmare in North Point DLC. Don’t forget to check out the other DLC scheduled to come out this month as well. Click here for the story.