[Prototype] Review

-Eric Lee Lewis

What a great and cohesive story! Wait, that isn’t right. What a mucky, boring, and hard to understand story; That’s better. Prototype or [Prototype] was released in America in June of 2009, just weeks after inFamous. No, this isn’t a review to compare the two games that share the game type. This is just a review of a game that had big ambitions, but essentially fell flat.

In a long line of bad game characters, we meet Alex Mercer, a man with no memory. He may have no memory but he realizes he has an amazing amount of power do to a virus called Blacklight. Blacklight is transforming normal humans into zombies and vicious monsters. You will see lots of zombies that differ from one another, but the monsters, for the most part, look the same. In addition to the zombies and monsters, the police are after you. Hell, Alex Mercer is the enemy of everyone. It’s not that Alex is a bad person, he just doesn’t know who he is and neither do we for that matter.

The only way for Alex to learn more of his story is to consume individuals that may have worked at the facility and turned Alex into the monster that he is now. After a while you figure out that Alex did this to himself, at least I think that’s what happened . Now, this game is not easy to follow, as I have mentioned before. The above spoiler may not even be a spoiler.

I have eluded to the fact that Alex is a monster, but now is the time to tell you what I mean. As you can see from the above picture, Mr. Mercer can transform his hands into weapons of all sorts. One moment you can have those claw hands and the next, a blade arm or Hulk-sized fists. Hand-transformation isn’t where this stops; Alex has the ability to run up buildings, fly, glide, shoot out tentacles, transform into other people, and MANY other abilities that I just do not have the room for in this article.

As cool as these abilities are, prepare to use them in a virtual Manhattan that just always looks the same. Yeah, sometimes buildings become hives for the monsters and change their look, but they always look basic. Not only do the locales look repetitive, the character designs are as well. Prototype is a game with the ability to use multiple shades of grey, black, red, and never much else. Hell, sometimes Prototype is down-right ugly.

Prototype has the ability to be fun for the first few hours, but expect that feeling to disintegrate rapidly as you try to discover what is going on in this game. I don’t mean to make Prototype seem like a bad game; it just isn’t a classic. It’s still worth a play if you can find it for $10. Just take your time and don’t try to understand it. Buckle in and stroll on through a virus-ridden, devoid-of-color Manhattan with a lackluster character.

Verdict: 70%

Prototype - Trailer (HD) (Game Trailer)

If you have played Prototype, how do you feel about it? If not, are you interested?