Psychonauts Review


Double Fine Productions, (Budcat Creations- PS2)


Majesco Entertainment, THQ






T (Cartoon Violence, Crude Humor, Language)

Release Date:

April 19, 2005



(Xbox Live Price: 1200MSP)

-Phoenix Robbins

Psychonauts is a unique psychic-themed platformer. The main character, Razputin, is a young, big-headed, goggle-wearing boy with psychic abilities. He runs away from his home in the circus and tries to sneak into Whispering Rock, a government facility disguised as a summer camp for kids.  Raz manages to impress the “camp councilors” and they allow him to stay. His ultimate goal is to become a Psychonaut (a psychic secret agent), but since the “summer camp” called his dad, he must do it before he gets picked up tomorrow. They allow Raz to temporarily become a Psycadet (a Psychonaut-in-training) and soon, he begins his basic training. Before too long, he discovers that there is something strange happening at the camp and he’s the only one that can stop it.

The game is centered around Raz entering the minds of several wacky characters through a door on their forehead. He does this in order to clear out their “mental cobwebs” and help them to overcome their fears. In exchange for doing this, Raz will gain their trust and they will offer their help, important items, or information. He gains several different powers (telekinesis, pyrokinesis, clairvoyance, floating, etc) to help him clear these minds as well as find secret items, memories, etc.  

Each character’s mind has a unique level design which helps deter from the repetition you find in many platform-type games. In one mind Raz is seen as a giant monster attacking a town, in another mind Raz is trying to help the town against a giant pink bull. While exploring their minds, you can collect tags to clear out “emotional baggage,” discover “mental vaults” and fight off “censors” that try to remove Raz from the character’s mind.

Psychonauts takes a bit of dark humor, a simple love story, and a crazy meat-circus and rolls it up into an unforgettable game.

Pros: witty dialogue, several unique levels, plenty of classic platforming areas to explore, high replay value.

Cons: gritty graphics, some areas do feel a little repetitive


Psychonauts Trailer

Psychonauts is a well-loved game for those who have played it. Many didn’t get the chance though and it has since become a cult classic. Were you lucky enough to get to play it?