Question of the Week: What is your favorite game system of all time?

Gaming systems are almost everything to the gamer. We need them to play our precious games. Some of you may be thinking that I am wrong. You have a MAC or PC, those count as consoles also. Enough banter. Let’s hear what the Empty Wallet Gamer crew thinks:

Geoff Barry

By far my favorite game system of all time is the PS2. Sure it’s outdated now, but it was the “it” console of its generation. You could finally make out characters’ faces and figures, and the environments were better. It did receive some stiff competition from the original Xbox, but the PS2 held its own. The sports games were easily the best on the PS2. NHL 2004, MVP Baseball, and NFL 2K5?! Those are possibly the three best sports titles ever produced for their time.

I finally learned to beat games by myself on the PS2. It was the cornerstone of my gaming career. Medal of Honor: Frontline and Spiderman: The Movie were the first games that I went “Wow. I finished the game without anyone else.” From then on I became a better player and started to like video games more and more. There were so many good games available that it was easy to miss some of the best. I was fortunate enough to play Killzone, but God of War slipped through my fingers. On the PS3 those games are absolute must-plays. I love my PS3, but I really do miss the good ol’ days with my PS2.

Keith Michael

My favorite videogame console of all time is one that has a controller of some type and a button interface. I have to say that there is no one console that I like the most. With the PS3, SNES, Sega Genesis, and all of the other consoles, there are games that I really enjoyed on each. I can tell you that I dislike the Playstation One more than any other system, mostly because of the long load times. If I had to look at consoles based on what games they offered, I would be at a tie between the Playstation 2 and the Nintendo Gamecube. Both systems offered great games like God of War 1 and 2, Kingdom Hearts, The Bouncer, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Pikman, and so much more. In the end the only thing that really matters is the videogame and not the console that it is made for.

Eric Lee Lewis

It has been a constant debate between gamers for a long time; What is the best game console ever. The easy way out would be to say, “They are all great, but this one was sub-par compared to the other.” I can’t go that route. The issue that has always been at hand is that some games are only available on certain systems. Console exclusivity is what plays into my choice. 

The Sega Genesis is my choice. What wasn’t to love? I will just throw out two of my all time favorite game series, Streets of Rage and Toejam and Earl. “But, but, but, SNES had a truck-load of Mario games.” Sure did cowboy, so does EVERY Nintendo platform. Genesis was unique and, for once, Sega was legitimate competition. Good times.

Noel Villa

I’ve always been a Sony kid. Nearly every gadget I’ve owned in my life was either a Sony product or a Gameboy, and if I wasn’t playing Pokemon on a Nintendo handheld, I was listening to Linkin Park CDs on a Sony Walkman, playing PS1 games on a Sony TV, using a Sony Ericsson phone, and flushing my Sony toilet in my Sony bathroom. So since childhood, I’ve been inclined to choose, even almost unconsciously, everything Sony. So my choice is obviously an Xbox.

Just kidding, it’s a PS3. I admire the PS3 for its sturdy yet sleek design, harboring an almost impenetrable system. The XrossMediaBar is fancy, though sometimes quite a burden at managing different file types. Plus, I have a stronger preference for the PS3-exclusive games than any other exclusive games on any other consoles.

I will always go back to Sony. Unless Samsung comes up with an 8th generation gaming console. Then I’m sold.

Samer Farag

My favorite gaming console is the Nintendo 64. It was my first system that I had ever bought as a kid. I spent months scrounging up the cash to pay for it. Finally, I had a enough money. My mom promised to pay for one game. My brother wanted star wars. I wanted a game I didn’t know of at the time: Ocarina of Time. Needless to say, the Nintendo 64, and, concurrently, Ocarina of Time, got me into gaming, so for that, it is my favorite system.

So tell us, what is your favorite gaming console of all time?