Question of the Week: What is your favorite overlooked game?

-Samer Farag 

My most underrated game would be Psychonauts. A game about delving into people’s minds in order to solve mysteries and figure out their pasts? This thing was doing Inception before Inception was cool! Awesome platforming, great humor, lots of replay value, and a whole lot of style to boot. It’s a shame this game has yet to get a sequel, because it’s done much more than necessary to prove that it deserves one.

-Gregory Livingston

Blaster Master: Blasting Again, released on the Playstation, was a

latecomer to an experimental period. The Playstation era of games saw

tons of experimentation as developers explored the possibility of 3D

game design, but Blasting Again came along in 2001. As a 3D dungeon

crawling shooter/platformer, it followed the lead of games like Mega

Man Legends and, to a certain extent, Burning Rangers.

While Blasting Again is unremarkable, it is at the very least solid.

Each dungeon has a theme, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of

navigation. The water area, for example, is sharply divided between

its above- and below-water portions.

Conquering a platformer maze can be very satisfying, as anyone who’s

played a Metroid game can testify. I’d say there simply aren’t enough

of these kinds of games, so it’s a shame to see a good game like

Blaster Master: Blasting Again get lost among classics like Mega Man

Legends and Metroid Prime.

-Phoenix Robbins

Although there are a whole bunch of amazing games that deserve credit, sadly, I’m only able to pick one.

My pick is Psychonauts.  From the quirky semi-dark humor, to the fantastic story line, this game is just plain fun. You play as Razputin, a lovable, big-headed kid who ran away from his home (in the circus) and sneaks into a summer camp for gifted children. These children aren’t your run of the mill gifted; they’re able to move things, set things on fire, talk to animals, float, and so much more. The best part is they do it… WITH THEIR MIND!

This camp is not just a fun place for these students to go. It’s also a training ground for future Psychonauts, psychic secrets agents and Raz wants to be one of them. The catch is, since he sneaked in, they’ve called his dad. Since his dad is already on the way, he must become a psychonaut in only one day.

The game is a simple platformer but with a psychic twist. You’ll be taught a bunch of different powers by a few different teachers and you’ll use them to find hidden treasures, fight enemies, and unlock your true potential.

You climb in to minds of people in an insane asylum, you fight psychic bears, and you try to uncover the secret of a brain-stealing bandit. What’s not to love?

-David Ruddock

There was a little game on the original Playstation called Kingsley’s Adventure, which was the story of one young fox prince who was the adopted son of the rabbit king and queen and his adventure, obviously. It was pretty standard fair in terms of progression, as in you go to a town, solve the local problem and beat the boss, but it was the setting and style I remember most. The characters were all wonderfully realized and there were jokes aplenty, mostly on the subtle side which I’m sure kids wouldn’t have got. It’s also the only game I can think of where the main character is a knight who can backflip.

-Marcus Lawrence

One of my most favorite games of all time also happens to be unappreciated. The Mega Man Legend series by far has to be one of the few Mega Man games that many people don’t know about. It’s a different spin on Mega Man; focusing more on RPG elements and adventure-like gameplay.

I think people probably never heard of it or liked it because of the simple fact that it wasn’t of the original formula. At the same time, Network Battle was a spin-off and has more of a following than Legends. Seriously, Legends introduces some of the most memorable characters I’ve ever seen. Most have been featured in other games or have had their own spin-off title created. And with the cancellation on Mega Man Legends 3, I fear it’ll never get the proper respect that it deserves. I will always love that game and occasionally hook up my PsOne to play it.

-Eric Lee Lewis

How many people remember The Warriors? The movie was from the 70’s but Rockstar Games made a game adaptation in 2005. Most of the elements of this HIGHLY overlooked game were used in Bully. Radios were stolen from cars, fights were plentiful, tagging walls with your groups symbol was constant, and the story was there. This is one of my all-time favorite games and it seems like nobody ever played it. This game is a must own in every way.

We want to know about your choices. What is your favorite overlooked game?