- Eric Lee Lewis

When i created Empty Wallet Gamer it was meant to be an outlet for myself to get into gaming journalism. Along the way I met others that wanted to do the same thing and Empty Wallet Gamer kept growing and creating relationships with other publications. I truly felt as if I was making my dreams come true. 

Along the way it seemed as if some of us had lost our way. I started to become stressed over writers not getting their work done on time. Not only was this unfair to the other writers that were having to make up for the articles not going up, it was unfair to you, the readers that actually looked forward to some of the articles from certain writers. 

Empty Wallet Gamer constantly had to have new rules set in motion to allow for the respect of the writers and readers alike. Still, nothing had changed and the quality of our articles started to suffer. That was the biggest let-down of all. 

I had turned down jobs at much larger publications to continue to run EWG and try to make it successful, but some of the group did not care to take the opportunities. In these decisions I may have metaphorically shot myself in the foot with getting into the publications I had turned down. I rarely regret anything I do in my life, but I started to regret such decisions.

A few months back I started to do podcasts with Galactic Gaming News. While doing the podcasts was a fun experience and an even greater learning experience, Jimmy and Josh of GGN had ambition that was missing from EWG for a while. After podcasting with Jimmy the other night I had joked about leaving Empty Wallet Gamer for Galactic Gaming News. While thinking about the jokes I had made, I started to think that it was actually a great idea. 

Last night in a meeting with Galactic Gaming News I decided I was leaving my own creation for a place with more promise. But I had one request, “Let me bring my most dedicated crew members.” I received a vote of confidence. 

I am excited to say that I (Eric Lee Lewis), Jovan St. Lawrence, Greg Livingston, and Marcus Lawrence are now proud members of Galactic Gaming News. We are all very excited about our futures and even more excited to bring you the same high quality content we brought before and also the ability to hear us on podcasts and to read our own take on gaming news. 

This page will remain open to allow notice of new podcasts and for our ability to maintain an archive of our older work.

We appreciate everybody that sounded off on what we wrote and invite you to write to Galactic Gaming News in email form or even notes on Tumblr. You can even follow Galactic Gaming News on Tumblr and Facebook.  

From the bottom of my heart; thank you for making this a hell of a ride while it lasted and please be sure to check out the 4 of us at Galactic Gaming News.