Raiden & Evil Cole Join PlayStation All-Stars

-Jovan St. Lawrence

So earlier today, Sony revealed two new challengers to enter the PlayStation All-Stars cast. Metal Gear’s Raiden and inFamous’ Evil Cole McGrath. These two characters (whom were leaked about two weeks ago along with Dante, Ratchet, & Spike) are great new additions to the cast.

While Evil Cole seems to be a bit more faster, ranged and effective than regular Cole, I still feel that this could have been easily solved if Cole were just given a Zelda/Sheik transform function into Evil Cole but that is just my opinion. I’m still very much looking forward to trying out Evil Cole regardless of the separation.

Now onto Raiden. Raiden’s combat seems to revolve around fast strikes and air juggles, which is essentially what we’ve been seeing from him in MGS4 and his upcoming standalone game, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which releases February 2013. It is very comparable to Dante’s combat as well, except Raiden is possibly even more flashy than Dante.

With the recent delay for PlayStation All-Stars, and the beta announcement for early fall, does the Super Smash Bros. clone seem appealing to all you nay-sayers yet? Does the new additions to the character list peak your interest?

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale releases on PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita on November 20, 2012 (US) - Raiden Trailer - Evil Cole Trailer