Rainbow Moon Heading to Playstation Vita

-Jimmy Kovalski

I can proudly confirm that EastAsiaSoft’s old school RPG Rainbow Moon is heading to the Playstation Vita. The developer had much to say on the situation in a interview conducted by IGN:

  • “We’ve been thinking about bringing Rainbow Moon to other platforms for quite a while, and the PlayStation Vita has been high up on our list as one of our favorite platforms. The PSP has been the number one platform for JRPGs in recent years and Sony built up a very strong fanbase. The PS Vita has a lot of potential and with the right games, we are confident that its user-base will grow strongly during the coming years. Hopefully we can contribute a little part to it with our upcoming PS Vita port of Rainbow Moon. The final decision to bring Rainbow Moon to PS Vita was made because of the game’s success on the PlayStation 3 and really strong user feedback. During the last couple of months we have received hundreds of requests, which ultimately influenced our decision. It will mostly be a direct port but we are keeping an eye on added functionality, including cross-saving support. Transferring your save between the PS3 and the PS Vita is an awesome feature and it’s a perfect fit for content heavy games like Rainbow Moon… Having said that we just recently started development and at the moment we are only focusing on the game’s port, which is actually a lot more work than most people might assume.”

They have confirmed that the game will launch on the Vita in 2013. The developer has also stated that they do not know what the game will run price wise. They have also said that:

  • “I know there are a few mainly first party releases that can afford to bundle both games together in one release but unfortunately this won’t be possible for us. Because we aren’t using any third party engine or framework that was already designed to work on both platforms, we estimate that it will take us roughly nine months to port Rainbow Moon to the PS Vita, which is a very substantial amount of time. Although we can’t afford to do a completely free download for all buyers of the PS3 game, we are definitively looking into discounted options for customers that wish to purchase both release versions at the same time… we won’t be charging double the price if you want to buy both releases at the same time.”

This is really good news considering Rainbow Moon was a surprisingly very good old-school rpg and the Vita seems like a great platform for the game.