Rayman Origins Review


Ubisoft Montpellier




Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, 3DS, PS Vita, PC


1-4 (Local only)



Release Date:

November 15, 2011



-Jovan St. Lawrence

Right off the bat, Rayman Origins is something unique, rare, & precious. It has been a while since a game as artistically brilliant has been released. Rayman Origins goes back to the 2D style platforming gameplay as the original Rayman from 1995. Franchise creator, Michel Ancel has returned to this brand new project as well since his part as lead designer in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. The art direction, music, vibrant color, & enormous amounts of levels never cease to induce smiles. 

The level design is incredible and I have to say, even better than the likes of Little Big Planet in all honesty. There are even moments during the game where there is complete madness and the background elements come together with the foreground. It is almost distractingly beautiful. I would like to take in all the great designs from these levels, however, you whiz past entire sections of the levels so quickly to really see how beautiful they look. The great thing about this game is that it is almost designed for you not to collect all the Lums (Rayman’s answer to coins/rings) and explore hidden sections of the various levels the first time around so you can replay them again. 

Single player really gets the job done if you wish to get all your collectables by yourself but the real experience comes in 4 player co-op. Although, its local only, the co-op in this game is incredibly fun and will simply make you an addict for this game. You’ll laugh with your friends, you’ll curse each other out, & you’ll enjoy one of the satisfying co-op adventures this generation has to offer. 

Unfortunately, the past few years of blockbuster shooters have made platformers that don’t have the names “Mario” & “Sonic” in them become a quick afterthought. Some critics will go as far as saying that these games should just be released as downloadable titles priced at $10 or $15 with very little recognition. However, Rayman Origins is much better than that. It’s a tough, near brutal challenge at times but it never really induces controller throwing rage thanks to its liberal usage of checkpoints throughout the levels.

Rayman Origins takes on decades worth of ground work and elevates it to an astronomical level. It is nice to play something refreshing and take a break from the Battlefields & Call of Duties. With a magnitude of levels & terrific boss fights Rayman Origins is the 2D platformer to beat.

The Pros:

  • Over 60+ levels
  • Brilliant art style 
  • Surprising amount of unlockables
  • Quirky humor
  • Excellent controls 
  • Laugh out loud co-op
  • Tons of lasting appeal in the secret sections of various levels
  • Hilariously incredible soundtrack to listen to over & over

The Cons:

  • No online multiplayer

Verdict: 95%

Rayman Origins: Launch Trailer

Was Rayman Origins your favorite Rayman game?