Realms of Ancient War Coming to PlayStation Network

-Jimmy Kovalski

Have you ever heard of Realms of Ancient War (or RAW for short) before? No? Don’t worry not many have but you should start to pay attention. The game is described as a pure action hack n’ slash game. RAW has actually been in development for over two years and it is finally releasing this Tuesday, September 25th, on the Playstation Network. The game is being developed by Wizarbox and developer Julien Millet has this to say about RAW:

“RAW is inspired by our deep love of hack ‘n slash games. We’ve played practically every game in the genre… to seek out the best ideas from the past. As such, RAW focuses entirely on battling. We catered every aspect of RAW toward action lovers – you won’t find a lot of dialogue boxes or tiresome sidequests. While the story will keep you intrigued, there are no drawn-out conversations to get in the way of the monster-slaying.”

You can play as one of three character classes; Barbarian, Wizard and Rogue. Each class has a ton of unique skills and spells. RAW includes drop-in/drop-out co-op multiplayer as well.