Red Dead Revolver Review


Rockstar Games


Originally Capcom but was picked up by Rockstar San Diego


PlayStation 2 and XBOX

Release Date:

May 3,2004




Third-person action adventure, Western


M (Blood and Violence)

-Phoenix Robbins

“In a world where bandits rule with guns and violence… only bounty hunters dare oppose them.”

I have never been a huge western fan. I enjoy movies like Tombstone, but I’ve never delved too far in to the genre. Rockstar has to be one of my favorite developers, so when I saw that they had made a spaghetti western-style shoot-‘em-up game, I picked it up without hesitation.

You play as Red, a bounty hunter who’s sole purpose is revenge for the murder of his family by the hands of Mexican General, Diego. Red, being the only survivor, takes his father’s gun and sets out on his bloody quest.

You begin the main story by taking on some gang members with Sheriff O’Grady. After the attack, the sheriff is badly wounded and Red must take him into town to get him medical attention. Here you meet Brimstone’s sheriff, who proceeds to ask you to take care of some thugs. Afterwards, Red quickly begins to pick up a lot of bounties and starts working for the town of Brimstone. After fighting some ridiculous outlaws and completing the bounties for the town, Red discovers some distressing news and soon after, has a bounty put on his head by Mr. Kelly (a nefarious gunslinger who won the Brimstone Battle Royale several years in a row).

As the game progresses, Red will come across characters like Jack Swift (a gentleman gunslinger), Annie Stoakes (a young woman struggling to maintain her ranch), Shadow Wolf (Red’s cousin), and Buffalo Soldier (an unnamed African American cavalryman). Red will learn how to ride horses and to wield an arsenal of weapons (including pistols, shotguns, rifles and dynamite). Throughout the game, players will have a total of 30 different weapons to help fight off Apaches, thugs, and ultimately find your way to General Diego.


  • Excellent story
  • Multiplayer is simple but fun
  • Many weapon choices
  • Awesome characters
  • Decent graphics (remember that it’s a PS2 game)
  • Lasting appeal (I still own it!)


  • Controls are a little wonky
  • Decent graphics (since we came so far from PS2 graphics, it looks old)


Red Dead Revolver Trailer #1

Many of the people that played Read Dead Redemption haven’t played Red Dead Revolver. If you haven’t played Red Dead Revolver, are you willing to give it a shot? Also, let us know if you think Phoenix was right in her review.