Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review

Developers: Capcom/Slant Six Games

Publisher: Capcom

Consoles: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Release Date: March 20, 2012

Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Players: Single Player, 2-8 Online, 2-4 Co-op

Rating: M

-Marcus Lawrence

I’m pretty sure at some point in gaming history, people have wondered what it would be like to fight zombies alongside their friends in a Resident Evil game. I mean, just imagine the teamwork that is required in order to fight off the hordes of undead. So when I first heard that Capcom was making an online Resident Evil game, I was beyond excited to say the least. This would be the first game in the series where you could run and shoot at the same time. With that in mind, anyone could see that this would be an amazing title to own. Just to clear up any confusion though, this isn’t a Left 4 Dead sequel and by no means was Capcom trying to make an exact copy of it either. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard saying that this game was terrible because it wasn’t the same. I’m bringing to you my non-bias opinions on Operation Raccoon City. I may love Left 4 Dead with a passion but that doesn’t make me blind to other games that want to do the same formula.

Operation Raccoon City has a non-canon plot that does nothing but provide a “what if?” scenario to the Resident Evil storyline. To sum it up, you play as Umbrella’s Elite clean-up task force known as U.S.S. The mission is to eliminate all evidence regarding Umbrella’s involvement with the Raccoon City incident. Along with destroying evidence comes a very surprising twist; Leon S. Kennedy is a prime target because he knows too much. His death will secure you a passage out of the city…or will it? Most of the story is told through pre-mission updates and the occasional cutscene for the more important stuff. However, some of these cutscenes feel as if they were rushed in some way.

When I mentioned before that you play as the U.S.S, I didn’t just mean one person. Players have six Umbrella operatives that they can choose from and each one has unique passive and active abilities. For example, Vector’s active ability gives him camouflage that he can use to sneak around zombies and living enemies alike, while his passive ability allows him to run stealthily. Each member has his/her own place on the team and it’s up to you to see where you fit in. Experience points are earned when you complete objectives and kill zombies, either in the campaign or online. These points are used to buy new weapons and to enhance your abilities or to even purchase new ones.

So with all of these zombies and humans trying to end your life, I bet you’re wondering, “how you can fight back?” First off, you have weapons that can be used which could range from SMG’s, shotguns, handguns, and so on. Then you have what are known as Brutal Kills; these moves allow you to perform a one-hit kill with a knife or with the surrounding area. When using a handgun, you can perform “quick draw” which is basically an auto-lock mode. This is extremely useful when getting swarmed by the infected. If needed, players can even take a zombie as a shield to block any bullets coming their way. And speaking of the infected, if you happen to contract the T-Virus, you need to find an antiviral spray in order to cure yourself. If you fail to find one in time, you will turn into a zombie and proceed to hunt down your former teammates. As for the human enemies you encounter, they can be dealt with easily if handled correctly. Once humans take a certain amount of damage, they enter what is known as “bloody frenzy”. This means that they start to bleed out and all of the infected are drawn to the scent. Be careful though as this could happen to you or your teammates if shot too often. The campaign mode is really fun, especially if you have a full squad playing. However, the real fun happens when you start to play online.

The online portion of ORC offers five different modes to players looking for a fight. What’s really nice about the online is that you still have to deal with zombies and other monsters at the same time. “team attack” is pretty much the basic team deathmatch mode in which you rack up points in order to win. Human kills are worth more than the infected, so make sure you go after them if you want to win. “Survivor” is when you have to survive for ten minutes before a helicopter arrives to rescue you. So what’s the catch? Only four players can get on the helicopter.  This means you may have to abandon a fellow squad-mate. “Biohazard” plays out like capture-the-flag, except you have to capture vials of the G-virus and return them to base. “Heroes mode” allows players to use the important characters from Resident Evil such as Leon and Ada Wong. The characters have a huge boost in health and if you die, you respawn, but as one of the regular characters. The main objective of this mode is to kill all four heroes on the opposite team. Finally, you have the “Nemesis mode” and it’s just like it sounds, people. For this mode players can control Nemesis via a remote control and decimate the opposite team. The only downside to the Nemesis mode could be the fact that it is only DLC and must be bought before it can be played. But that’s okay considering that it only costs about $4.00 or 400 Microsoft Points to obtain.

Personally, I find this game to be really amazing because of all the friends that I play online with. We always roll into matches and own anyone we come across, which proves that teamwork is key to victory. However, this game is riddled with minor issues and glitches. There are a lot of problems with the online gameplay concerning spawning and invisible zombies that seem to hit you wherever you are. I’m sure all of the glitches will be fixed at some point and these won’t be a problem anymore. Another issue I noticed is that when you run out of ammo, your pistol doesn’t come out automatically. A lot of the times during those tense firefights, you won’t notice that you are out of ammo and will probably die. Also, even though this is a non-canon story, I couldn’t help but notice how bare it was. So yes, there are some minor and major issues with the game but that doesn’t make this a bad title necessarily. If you have plenty of friends that would play with you, I highly recommend giving this a go.


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Multiplayer Modes!

Critically, Operation Raccoon City has been bashed. After reading Marcus’ Review, would you be willing to give it a shot?