Review: Burnout Crash

Written by Keith Michael

Remember when you were a kid playing with your Matchbox cars or Micro machines and you would pretend to make them crash and burn. Well now you can pretty much do that in Burnout Crash. Burnout Crash is Micro Machines mixed with the crash mode in pretty much every Burnout game since Burnout Revenge, mixed with the top down look you would see in the original GTA games. These three things make for a pretty fun and cheap game to pick up.

Burnout Crash is a pretty straight forward game. You have a list of cars that you can pick and choose the color for, about ten in all. You then take that car, drive out into an intersection and try to cause as much mayhem as possible. The main goal on the first time in the level is to crash every vehicle that drives by without missing five. I guess you could call that the main objective. In each level you can go back and try two other types of games. In one you have 90 seconds of “rush hour” to cause as much damage as possible, with no need to worry about cars driving past either. This is my favorite mode. Lastly there is a mode that has you crash cars and try to keep a fire blazing as long as possible. The other two modes were actually pretty fun, with funny little power ups that did things like rain meteors and flood the level with a tsunami. While the fire mode just had me wanting it to be done.

The game play was pretty easy to understand although sometimes the game itself was a little challenging. All you have to do is let your car drive down the road with no need to push an acceleration button and smash into the first car you see. You then watch the mayhem as you crash meter builds. After the gauge is filled you can then push a button to send your car exploding in any gravity defying direction you choose. It is pretty satisfying to watch the little cars blow up and go flying. The cool thing about this game is you can also destroy the buildings. If explosions and goofy little power ups isn’t your thing then I recommend you skip this game, because there is a lot of that. 

Burnout Crash doesn’t really need a bunch of different cars for the type of game it is, but it does offer some. The only real difference in the cars is how powerful the explosion is and how far you can travel after exploding. If you have a powerful explosion than you will have a small distance that you can travel and vice versa. You can pick different colors for your car and eventually get a “special color.” After you choose your ride you are ready to Crash.

The music in the game was by no means the best in the world. It had a pretty weak sound track with nothing real outstanding. The best part was when the game tossed in little snips from songs like Ice Ice Baby witch was pretty humorous. The sounds in the game are what you would expect with horns, crashes, squeals and lots and lots of explosions.

The visuals in Burnout Crash were about average for a PSN game. It kind of has a cell shaded look to it. It looks like you are driving around with a Micro Machine which makes me think of the old Off Road games for arcades. The explosions are well done and that is pretty much what any one will play this game for. There are also the “super features” that you get to see at the end of the level and are pretty well animated.

All in all I would say that Burnout Crash was a pretty fun game. With three modes for each level, tons of stars, challenges and the ability to share and compete with your friends plus a Trophy selection, Burnout Crash was definitely worth the ten dollars that I spent on it.

Verdict: 75%-Recommended