Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Another Call of Duty?  Count me in.  With another mind-blowing, action-packed, and rotating player campaign, Modern Warfare 3 has answered the call.  Traveling across the world has been a routine Activision has seemed to follow in its annual blockbuster title, but MW3 might be the most memorable with destruction to large landmarks, like several buildings in New York City, along with the Eiffel Tower.  Although FPS’s tend to concentrate with their online gameplay (Battlefield 3, Homefront, etc.) Activision still takes the time to put together a fun and enjoyable campaign.  The only real problem I see with the campaign is the lack of a choice of weapons.  Most of the guns are easy to get used to, but I miss being able to pick my equipment like I could in last-gen FPS (Rainbow Six 3, Ghost Recon).  However, it’s easy to forgive with exciting moments like using air support to blow up enemies.    

As an avid trophy collector, I was disappointed to examine that no trophies could be earned in online play.  The gameplay made up for it, though.  With normal modes like Team Deathmatch and Domination available, the all new Kill Confirmed option brought a little bit of Crysis 2 into play with players’ dog tags being dropped after each kill.  If your team doesn’t collect the dog tags after each kill, the kill is denied.  One way I found to be successful was to have a sniper and a runner.  This allowed for protection on both sides and proved to be worthwhile if you had someone to play with.  

I spent most of my time on Team Deathmatch.  While many players play the game like it’s what they were put on the Earth to do, I managed to find some success.  What I couldn’t stand, though, was the number of campers.  Campers drive me nuts and are tough to beat when they find good spots.  Activision has two top notch developers in Treyarch and Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer, but the first to make a game that limits campers’ success will have my support.  Unlike Treyarch’s Black Ops that allows players to earn xp to level 50 and then prestige, MW3 goes up to level 80 before you’re allowed to prestige.  What I really liked about the prestige mode was that instead of going absolutely cold turkey, like normal, I was allowed to carry over a piece of equipment.  I chose the AK-47.  The AK is really my gun of choice and helped me get through the lower levels quicker.  

All new Spec Ops mode was a great way to play multiplayer with a couch buddy.  With Survivor Mode replacing MW2’s and Black Ops’ Zombie mode, I was a little disappointed, but relieved when I found the new mode to be just as good, if not better.  Surviving wave after wave of varied enemies including ground soldiers, attack dogs, juggernauts, and attack helicopters was intense and challenging.  The economic system works close to the same as previous titles with each kill earning currency to put towards more ammo, air support, ground support, and different weapons.  

With stiff competition coming from Battlefield 3, Activision knew it was up against the big boys.  EA put together a solid title that will run with the Call of Duty franchise for a few years.  However, Activision did not back down from the challenge and produced yet another record breaking game.  To say that Modern Warfare 3 is better than Battlefield 3 is unfair coming from someone that hasn’t spent the time with EA’s title, so I won’t.  What I will say is that the Call of Duty franchise is still on top of its game.  If you’re looking for the game used it runs at $54.99 at Gamestop, and you won’t need to purchase an online pass with a used copy.  With a non-Modern Warfare title expected on the next Call of Duty release, and with the success of Black Ops, I’m looking forward to Treyarch’s next great game.

By- Geoff Barry

Final Verdict: 90%