Review: Castle Crashers

Written by Eric Lee Lewis

As a gamer whose favorite game console of all time is the Sega Genesis, I have missed side-scrolling-beat-‘em-ups. With the advent of downloadable games we have luckily had a rise of old-school style games. While Castle Crashers by The Behemoth may be a newer game, it plays like a treasure from yesteryear. 

Castle Crashers controls like a dream. The same formula as my favorite game of all time (Streets of Rage) is followed almost identically. Castle Crashers is all handle through a camera that just follows along showing a side view of the action. The ability to move up and down on the screen is there to allow for more mayhem. 

To add in to the interesting style of this game, all playable characters have their own special abilities. While visually the first four characters that the player start out with look like a simple color pallet swaps, the color symbolizes the abilities that the characters have. The green knight uses a poison ability while the other characters use fire (orange), electricity (red) and ice (blue). As the game progresses players accrue experience points to level up their selected character and also unlock new characters and pets. The pets do not play the biggest role but they are a nice addition to combat or finding treasure or even just looting.

The story is not too deep in this downloadable romp but with gameplay so good it is hardly necessary.  Basically, the player starts out inside of a castle celebrating  a dinner in the honor of the king when a dark wizard appears and steals the king. It is your job to fight an epic battle through hordes of enemies and fantastically fun bosses ranging from big dumb barbarians a massive dragon. While sometimes the game has a very slight serious tone, expect to see diarrhea spewing wildlife which somehow manages to make me laugh every time. 

Castle Crashers is a must-play game. It has a cult like following for a reason and is very critically acclaimed. Sometimes people love games like this for simple combat while others will love the toilet-humor and great hijinks.  Castle Crashers can be found for 1200 Microsoft Points which sometimes changes depending on deals. One way or the other, if you want to fall in love, this is your chance. 

Verdict: 93%