Review: Crackdown

Crackdown is an open world action game in the vein of the Incredible Hulk and Grand Theft Auto. This had me sold already. Add in the ability to level up skills just by mindlessly killing every enemy, count me in! Oh, if only these things were that fun.

As soon as Crackdown loads up you are treated with ugly logos and an overly complex menu. After you manage to figure out what the hell is going on here, you can choose your character. Nevermind the fact that they look different, they play the same. There is no difference in combat no matter what character you pick. 

As the game starts to move along with its’ cell-shaded graphics (which do not look the best) and boring narrator, there is a sense of fun to be had. Gaining the ability to run faster and jump higher feels great. Running over and shooting enemies is rewarding…at first.

After about 4 hours of playing this game I started to feel the complete lack of story and the lack of connection with my character. This is mainly due to the fact that there really is no story nor cutscenes to add anything. You simply find where mob leaders are and kill them.

Killing these leaders is as simple as finding them and giving them a few rockets to the abdomen. As crime lords are taken down the amount of enemies you run into decreases. The only way to level up the weapons is to kill enemies. These things do not match up. No enemies, no experience orbs.

By no means is Crackdown the worst game I have ever played. Hell, I have gotten to play E.T. on the Atari. Crackdown just simply does not get a recommendation from me.

-Eric Lee Lewis

Verdict: 57%