Review: Dead Space

2008 saw the launch of one of today’s best franchises. Dead Space gave fans the great Resident Evil gameplay with a whole new game. In Dead Space you play as a normal engineer with no special powers named Isaac Clarke. Isaac was never trained to fight nor did he come expecting one. He only came to fix the USG Ishimura.

The Ishimura is a “planet cracker” that is used for mining planets. As Isaac boards the ship and starts moving through the claustrophobic corridors you start to realize something is wrong. Not much time goes by before you helplessly watch your crew be destroyed by an unknown assailant(s). Welcome to the feeling that doesn’t go away all throughout Dead Space.

The atmosphere of Dead Space is ridiculous. I don’t mean ridiculous in the sense of stupid, I mean that this game does the best job at giving me the right feeling for the story that is laid-out in front of me. Never in gaming have I felt so uneasy. Ammo is scarce, light sources flicker and freaky noises are plentiful.

The sound design is FANTASTIC. Enter a room with no oxygen? The sound is gone. A Necromorph is scurrying through the rafters? Prepare to lose your mind not knowing if it is going to drop. The voice acting isn’t the best voice acting in the world but it fits with this classic horror story. Foot steps sound crisp and weapons all sound unique.

The weapons on Dead Space are interesting in their own. These aren’t just normal guns, the weapons are everyday planet mining tools. Every weapon has a secondary fire or a way to change the weapon to a new style of shooting. Sometimes the new shooting style is best in different situations as the goal to killing your enemies by dismemberment.

The necromorphs are essentially mutated humans that have changed into weapons of destruction. These crazy enemies will come at you for as long as they can. Even if a leg is blown off of an enemy, they will find a way to keep coming at you. Sometimes, having a head doesn’t even matter for these enemies. The baddies just want you dead.

There is no amount of words in the English language for me to tell anybody how amazing Dead Space is. This game will stick with me for the rest of my life and was definitely my 2008 game of the year. If you are curious and haven’t played this treasure yet, Dead Space can be bought at GameStop for $17.99 used or $19.99 new.

-Eric Lee Lewis

Verdict: 92%