Review: Dungeon Defenders

– Calvin Tomlinson

Dungeon Defenders on the surface is a 3rd person Tower Defence game, but once you get into it it’s really a 3rd Person Tower Defence Action RPG. The game centres around 4 young “heroes”, who have been left to defend the lands while the previous generation go off and do their thing. The aim of the game is to simply survive, you just need to make it to the end of the round and kill all the enemies, this is done in a manner of ways, there’s the Apprentice, who uses magical towers, blockades and ranged damage from their staff. There’s the Squire, with big physical blockades and towers, who wields a melee weapon and does damage up close, Huntress, who carries a bow and specialises in harassing the enemy from a distance, as well as being able to plant traps around the map. Finally there’s the Monk, instead of towers the Monk has ‘Auras’, these can be used to slow enemies, damages enemies or even turn them against each other, the Monk also has a choice of dealing ranged or melee damage.

The real fun in this game comes from using all these skills to their advantages and getting your friends to play in a way that suits your weaknesses, because once you get far enough to try any of the maps on a difficulty higher than easy, you’re going to have a bit of trouble doing it on your own.

One of the great things about Dungeon Defenders is that it doesn’t get boring playing over the same campaign and challenges over and over again, because each time you do so you’re gaining experience for your character and levelling up your skills, as well as finding new and improved loot along the way. For some this kind of gameplay can be a bit grindy and annoying but I thoroughly enjoy it. That being said, the game is constantly being updated because players keep maxing out their characters with the best gear, and so the developers need to add more content so they have something to do! Although this is a great because the game is getting all the support it deserves, it also means that if, like me, you want to play the game fairly casually and just jump on every now and then, you find that you’re gear is suddenly laughed at by everyone who’s a bit more active in the community.

The graphics in Dungeon Defenders are incredibly simple, they’re not overly detailed, but in my opinion the detail is all in the right place, they look fantastic, and for the style of the gameplay I think they really fit. That being said, there are a few little gripes that I have. The main issue is that you’ll spend the majority of your time farming for great gear, and no matter what armour you’re wearing, your character model will look exactly the same, (personally I like to show off my fancy new gear!). Another issue is with the weapons, they are all randomly generated, so no 2 weapons have the same stats, and also the size and colour of the weapon are random too, which means sometimes you’ll find a ridiculously big weapon and there is so much clipping that you’re character almost becomes one with the weapon.

Overall I love the game, it looks great, plays great, and is really good game to play with friends, so if you’re willing to part with around about £10 (on Steam, PSN and XBLA) then grab this game, and get your friends to get it too, you’ll have a blast playing casually, or if you really want to progress then there is so much content, with more being added all the time. I’m afraid to say most of this content hasn’t hit the console versions of the game yet, and the DLC for PC is paid (boo!) but I think it’s worth it, I’ve bought all the content so far and it has provided hours of fun.

Verdict:80% This game isn’t quite perfect, but it’s great fun