Review: Dungeon Fighter Online

-Eric Lee Lewis

When people think of the name Empty Wallet Gamer, they usually think of gamers with little to no budget. By no means is this against what the name means. Sometimes, as gamers, we are too poor to afford a new game with the robust experience that we are looking for at the moment. This is where the free-to-play (F2P) game comes to mind. And what company makes free-to-play games better than Nexon?

Nexon has many different game titles under their belts, from cutesy games like MapleStory and Mabinogi to more action-based games like Vindictus and Dungeon Fighter Online. I can’t promise to review all of these titles but, I can promise a review of Dungeon Fighter Online a.k.a. DFO.

DFO is a side-scrolling-beat-‘em-up in the vein of the Streets of Rage or Final Fight series. This is where it differs though. Imagine Streets of Rage with character classes, perhaps gunners, witches, swordsmen, or priests with a robust leveling system and you get Dungeon Fighter Online.  

I have had a chance to play every character class thoroughly. I can honestly say that the class that stuck out most to me was the male gunner (for most characters there are male or female options). The male gunner is very comparable to a side-scrolling Dante Sparda. Gun-play is plenty and style is fantastic. This isn’t only the case with the male gunner. Every character is stylish in their own way. Some characters have very stylized moves while others have a more straight-forward ground and pound.

Every Character class has its’ own sub-classes. There are an average of 5 sub-classes per character and each has their own skills. Some skills only cost mana while others require using clear cube fragments that are carried in an inventory slot. Skills can easily be chained together with normal combat moves or other special moves to make some really exciting combos. 

If you are an audiophile, this game is not for you. Sound effects are not the greatest or most convincing. Many sounds are recycled throughout combat and some voices repeat. The music of DFO is great, think of Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo music with added guitar. There are plenty of NPCs that have voices but repeat the same sayings often

Like any MMO, this game is never truly finished. Patches are constant and maintenance is weekly, though, the time to wait for maintenance is never a huge issue. Nexon seems to have fan-satisfaction down pat at this time but a couple of years ago this was a downfall of theirs. Luckily, Nexon has definitely learned to take care of its’ customers due to people finding other MMOs to play at other sites. Looking back, Nexon used to have masses of players on servers at a time. This got so bad at some points that multiple severs and channels had to be added. So, yes, Nexon takes care of their fans, though, they’ve learned late. This is not to say that there are few players. There are plenty of other gamers to speak to and create a party with. 

If you are like most of the Empty Wallet Gamer crew, you are broke. Having an empty wallet means you still want a filled-out game for little to no price. DFO is the game to cure the broke-gamer-blues and especially for the old school gamer that wants a new spin on classics. Hell, this game is free, go download Dungeon Fighter Online can be downloaded for free at

Verdict: 86%