Review: Hellboy: The Science of Evil

Written by Eric Lee Lewis

June 24, 2008 was one of my saddest moments in gaming history. As a longstanding fan of Hellboy I was ecstatic about a Hellboy game that looked great. It seems as if screen shots and trailers pulled the wool over my eyes as a lot of game trailers are meant to do. How did it all go so wrong for The Science of Evil? The blame is mostly placed upon having a certain time frame that the game had to be made in to coincide with the theatrical release of Hellboy II: The Golden Army. If Hellboy:TSOE had more development time I honestly believe it could have been a hit instead of another comic hero game that misses on all aspects of what it was meant to capture.

The beauty of video games is the ability to alter a character a little bit, if already established, to become more of an action hero. In this game our main character, Hellboy, is given some of the most bland and stiff feeling moves ever conceived. Imagine playing a game with a refined, fluid-like combat system (Devil May Cry/God of War/etc.) and dropping the main character into drying cement to see how they deal with the enemies surrounding them. The combat system is handle in a horrible manner in which the same combos are constantly repeated, the aiming and shooting feature are handle horribly on the controller and a roaming camera make for nothing but messy situations.

The best parts of Hellboy: The Science of Evil are Ron Perlman voices our protagonist and the game sometimes manages to look like the comics and cartoons. While I say that sometimes the game look good, the enemies hardly differ from one to another nor do they attack or animate very well which tends to take away from the beauty of the Hellboy universe. 

I may have a lot of gripes about this game but I try to have an outside view on it. I actually do like this game but to somebody that is not a fan, this game is a complete loss. The saving grace of Hellboy: The Science of Evil is that it can be picked up at GameStop for $7 for a used copy. If you actually like Hellboy, this game is worth a try. If you aren’t a fan, don’t bother. 

Verdict: 46%