Review: Homefront

At this point and time it seems most people do not play Call of Duty for the campaign. This could be because the story is hardly ever flushed out properly. What if we could play Call of Duty and it had a great story? Well, I guess we would have Homefront.

Homefront is a game released by one of today’s biggest gaming companies;THQ. It seems as if Homefront was meant to compete with Call of Duty or at least give gamers, like myself, an alternative. 

We start the story somewhere between the years 2025 and 2027 by taking control of Robert Jacobs and having our door and face beat down by Korean soldiers. Soon enough our protagonist is taken hostage and thrown into a prison bus where you have no choice but to look around and see helpless American citizens being beaten, imprisoned and ultimately killed. These are very powerful images and immediately involved my emotions in this story that soon sees Mr. Jacobs’ bus being t-boned and the main character being released which leads us to meet our supporting characters.

As in most first-person-shooters, the main character has no lines of dialogue at all which leads to all of the talking being picked up by the other group members. This isn’t always a horrible thing but in Homfront it is nothing too special. Just like most squad shooters there are 3 men and a woman. I don’t understand this formula but it always seems to work. Rianna is our resident hunting expert who is the (stereo)typical bad ass chick that seems to be in every FPS. Connor, much like Robert, is a former marine and our last member is a Korean-American tech expert named Hopper. Each character helps move the story forward and that seems to be it. 

The characters seem to be put into this game to move us forward in the ways of where to go or how to keep them safe. Keeping them safe is a weird concept due to the fact that it seems as if all of them are invulnerable unless they are in huge trucks. It’s not meant to sound like these characters are a burden, on the contrary, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) is great. Teammates will get to cover and pop out to take out enemies and our foes will do the same. Grenades will also be dispersed with great accuracy. 

I’m sure by now this kind of sounds A LOT like COD. How is this for another reason to believe Homefront is somewhat of a clone? The controls for Homefront are the same layout as the entire Call of Duty series. I apologize for all of the comparisons but it is incredibly hard to not compare them. 

It seems the only way that Homefront can really separate itself from the Activision/Sledgehammer Games/Infinity Ward titles is the fact that Homefront has a much greater campaign and a lower frame rate. The frame rate isn’t a huge issue but it is probably the biggest issue of Homefront. If there are too many explosions or enemies of the screen the game will slow way down. I, for the life of me, can not understand how a game with mediocre graphics has such a huge slow down when this action game with big action scenes has its action scenes happen. 

This game is not horrible by any means. Homefront was a very nice vacation from the typical FPS storylines. It suffers from a couple of let-downs but there’s no deal breakers. Homefront is a good game and I will be looking forward to a sequel or even a prequel to this fantastic story. Homefront can be bought in a bundle pack from GameStop called the “Protect This House Bundle” for a great price of $25.

-Eric Lee Lewis

Verdict: 79%