Review: Lego Batman: The Videogame

The Lego video game series is synonymous with coin collecting, breaking bricks and telling stories of licensed franchises through grunts and slapstick comedy. This formula seems to work for me every time. It seems Travelers’ Tales hasn’t changed up much in the Lego games and it’s because it is proven to work. 

Fortunately, the Batman lore has had it’s campy moments (shark repellent anyone?) which plays out extremely well in the TT Games iteration of the dark knight. The only character that seems to be immune from the cheesy moments or slips or whatever goofy things that can happen is Batman himself. 

Lego Batman seems to take place in a campy version of Batman: The Animated series. The enemies basically look like they do in the 90’s television series, but in block form and most enemies that can be thought of are in this game.

There are 2 different sides to the story in Lego Batman: The Videogame. Between levels there is an option to go back to the batcave. Upon searching through this great version of Batman’s headquarters a place to change to the villains can be found. Finally, if there is a certain villain you have wanted to play as and maybe get some of their story, you can. Each villain, along with most heroes, have different attacks and abilities. Some can lift heavy objects, others can use mind control, and some characters hack items. Add in a slew of outfits for Batman and Robin that have different abilities and you have hours of collecting and exploration. 

Most of everything is in the traditional Lego style except for unbreakable items and buildings. Even the vehicles in this game are Lego pieces. While it’s a cool idea to have some of Batman’s iconic vehicles, they don’t move in the most graceful of ways. Of course the gadgets on the vehicles make you feel like the hardcore hero that Batman truly is. It would just be nice to have them feel like proper cars, jets or boats. 

The sounds of this game are nothing stellar. Basic brick breaking noises and stock vehicle sounds with some grumbles are about it. Some of the music is directly taken from the animated series which is just about they only good thing about the sound design. 

Don’t expect to be blown away by the graphics here. I honestly believe that Lego Batman would look the same on a Playstation 2. After all, it can’t be too hard to make all of the characters the usual Lego man and turn everything into blocks.

If you haven’t played a Lego game before and are a Batman fan, this is the place to start. There may be some disappointment in the story-telling technique but this is typical at this point in the franchise. Don’t expect a masterpiece. Expect a fun game that can be played with the whole family. I recommend picking this game up and $20 for a new copy of this game is a great deal. 

Verdict: 85%

-Eric Lee Lewis