Review: Saints Row: The Third

-Eric Lee Lewis

I challenge anyone to think of a game that doesn’t take itself in a serious manner. If you can think of one, was it a good game? Chances are that your answer was no. This idea has been fully realized finally. Welcome to the city of Saints Row: The Third. 

The Saints Row is a series that has never garnered a lot of attention. Until the release of the latter game in this series, it has been understandable. The Saints games have long been known as a blatant Grand Theft Auto clone with a cornier story. Tired of being seen in this light Volition has decided to break from that mold make Saints Row: The Third it’s own separate entity.

Saints 3 has moved from Stillwater to a new city called Steelport due to the fact that the 3rd Street Saints have completely taken over Stillwater. Our magnificently colorful story starts out with our wildly popular, celebrity-status-having gang robbing a bank with an actor in tow. Josh Birk is an actor that plays a character in the Saints Row named Nyte Blayde. Josh is study the Saints for his role in the new Saints movie.

Quickly we are introduced into the gun play of SR:TT. The first thing I noticed was how smooth the controls are but how slow the analog sticks move the game camera. Luckily, there is an option to turn up the sensitivity. The controls of Saints Row 3 are fantastic, but, more on that later. After clearing a couple of rooms of your new found enemies you are introduced to one of the wacky aspects of this work of art. As soon as I had gotten to the top floor of this bank I ran into a fan. I quickly took a break from the action and signed an autograph and hopped right back into action. Soon the building is overrun by S.W.A.T. members and a Saints helicopter is taking you and the bank vault with it. This was where Saints Row: The Third stole the show for me. As I was hanging from this vault and crashing into buildings and being attacked by choppers and enemies I was actually controlling the gun fight. This could have easily been done through a cutscene but Volition let the player play one of the coolest sections of gameplay of all time. Soon this mission was over and I was hooked.

After such a cool mission I was introduced to a pretty robust character creation suite. I could make any character I wanted. I thought to myself, “Why not play as the complete opposite of what you are?” and boy, did I. I made a very attractive Latino woman. Not only did I get to create her looks, I had the ability to tweak her personality and taunts. This was only made better by giving her a zombie voice. As soon as more story played out and all I heard was grumbling I went to Image As Designed (a plastic surgery store) and changed her voice to a manly English voice. Not only was this completely hilarious to myself, this fit in the world of this game.

I soon realized that this games first mission was very tame compared to some of the upcoming missions. This game gives us the chance to live out some of the most outlandish scenarios in gaming history. Saints Row: The Third is what every 80’s action movie wanted to be. Whether is flying through an airplane window and destroying everybody on your way through the plane or if it’s destroying a gang of mascots Saints 3 is some of the most fun imaginable. I may sound like a broken record at this point but, I can’t speak great enough about this game.

Of course every game has its flaws. Of course, Saints Row: The Third is an open world game. Every game in this genre has problems. Graphics in this genre can’t be the best and textures pop in and out. Sometimes it’s jarring to drive down the road and see a car you are tailing disappear in front of your eyes. Though this issue happens often it doesn’t particularly pull you from this story. 

There is so much to say about this game and never enough words or space. Sure, this game is a newer title and costs $60 still at this date. Sure, this is from a series that has been passed up a lot. But, this is a game that NEEDS, and I can not stress NEEDS enough, to be owned. If you want this best open world game since Red Dead Redemption buy this game. If you don’t want to have some of the most fun in gaming history pass this one up. 

Verdict: 96%