Review: Streets of Rage Remake

Streets of Rage, depending on which number in the series, focused on three to four characters sent into the city to clean it from the goons occupying it and ultimately take down the dreaded Mr. X. Each character had different stats that focus on various attributes. Some characters are built for strength or speed while others are more balanced. Axel (the main character of SoR), for instance, is pretty neutral with his stats. Other characters like Skate and Blaze are more speed-based. 

The Streets of Rage series has long been my favorite game series. SoR originally appeared on the Sega Genesis which is also my all-time favorite game system. If there was one game I always had wished to be brought back with a new age spin it would be the Streets of Rage series.

Luckily, Bomber Games has brought these games back from the ashes and it’s better than ever. Bomber Games has managed to add some fan-made areas to the game while also injected a few things from the Final Fight series.

In version 5 of Streets of Rage Remake there is now a bunch of unlockable “cheats” and other items of interest. If you are a fan of this series and have wanted to create your own character, this is now possible through a sprite editor. If you don’t like the color of something your character is wearing, go ahead and change the color. All of these features are a Streets of Rage fan’s dream come true.

Playing through this remastered version of SoR is brilliant. I had wanted a next-generation version of this franchise but I am satiated by the SoRR games. Thank you Bomber Games for this dream come true. 

Want to try this masterpiece? Good thing that it is 100% free. Download it at

-Eric Lee Lewis

Verdict: 99%