Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

- Eric Lee Lewis

Movie games can really CLAW your heart out, BUB (See what I did there?)! It is almost a well-known fact that movie games are usually the worst offerings in gaming. Thankfully, the good people at Activision went against the grain and tore up that stereotype. Welcome to the bloody and fun thrill ride that is X-Men Origins: wolverine. 

Wolverine has been in quite a few video games, from bad X-Men movie tie-ins to fighting games to his own bad games on older platforms. While X-Men Origins was a bad movie, the game is far from bad. Shockingly enough, our very famous anti-hero starts out this game in a bloody mess. Gunfire is plentiful as well as bullet holes and claws literally tearing enemies apart. While it isn’t too jarring to see these things from Wolverine due to the way we think of him in our heads, the execution of these actions before our eyes is surprising.

Origins’ story isn’t the easiest to follow. There are frequent flashbacks that lead us back several years, this can be a problem for gamers with ADD or ADHD, like myself, to follow exactly what is going on in the current story. One moment you are watching your team slaughter innocent people and the next you are slaughtering the bad guys. It is not meant to say that the story is the most complex of gaming stories, nor am I saying that the story is overly-simplistic.  

The audio of X-Men Origins: Wolverine matches the visceral graphics. The sound of Wolverine’s claws ripping through flesh sounds fresh and never makes you feel as if it is just a game. Helicopters sound like real helicopter, the voice acting is surprisingly good, and the soundtrack matches what is going on throughout the game. Where this game really shines is the graphics. It’s not to say they are the best graphics ever put in a game but they were the best graphics in a super hero game at the time. 

There are few glitches in X-Men Origins. Every now-and-then a freeze will happen or Wolverine will get stuck mid-jump, but this is very rare. Since there is not much to say about this game in a bad way, I will say that the final boss battle is ungodly hard and frustrating and for a seemingly humorless game the Easter Eggs are flat-out hilarious.

All-in-all X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a stupendous game that, for a few months, was the best super hero game ever. Unfortunately, it was overshadowed by Batman: Arkham Asylum in the same year. At $20 for a new copy, this game is a must own for any super hero geek. 

Verdict: 85% - 

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Game Trailer)