RUMOR: Killzone 4 on PS4 in 2013?

-Jimmy Kovalski

Since Sony announced that they would be discussing the “future” of the PlayStation brand on February 20th, rumors have been coming out left and right. Some a bit out there but others that seem to have some merit. The latest rumor is regarding the Killzone franchise. More specifically that Killzone 4 will be available this year for the PS4.

The rumor started on where an “industry source” stated that indeed the game would launch this year with the PS4. The studio behind the Killzone series, Guerrilla Games, hasn’t launch a game since Killzone 3 a couple of years ago and has openly stated that they are working on multiple projects. The new Vita Killzone title is being developed by Guerrilla Cambridge and is due out in September. 

So is Killzone 4 likely? Absolutely, but we may know more as soon as the 20th. 

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