Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Review

-Marcus Lawrence

This is an old review but with the online multiplayer DLC release, we thought to bring this back for old times sake.

WE ARE SEX BOB OMB AND WE’RE HERE TO WATCH SCOTT PILGRIM KICK YOUR TEETH IN!!! Ahem…sorry about that, I just couldn't contain my level of excitement for what I’m bringing to the table. I present to you Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, available only for the XBLA and PSN. There was even a movie that came out back in August of 2010 starring Michael Cera and the oh-so-sexy Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Now this may be a small title but don’t be deceived, Scott Pilgrim will blow your socks off while giving you a nice healthy dose of nostalgia.

Plot: Based off the graphic novel, Scott meets the girl of his dreams, the mysterious yet sexy, Ramona Flowers and proceeds to date her. Only problem is that in order for him to date her, he must defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends. Scott, his best friend Stephen (The Talent), Kim, and even Ramona take to the streets in order to deal with these evil exes.

Gameplay: It’s quite simple really; you go around beating the stuffing out of hipsters, bouncers, ninjas, dogs and many other odd sorts. By stringing together punches and kicks, you can pull off combos for more damage. Plus you also get two special moves, one you get once you level up enough and the other is a secret. If you ever find that you’re getting pounded on, you can call for help which drains some of your special, but is very effective. Just like any old school side scroller, you progress through the level, defeating enemies until you get to the end stage boss. The more enemies you beat, the more experience you get. This leads to getting new moves and updating your stats. Believe me, you will need the help because this game is surprisingly hard. And trust me when I say, you will be replaying levels over and over until you’re strong enough to beat the next one. The boss fights are amazing and go along well with the story from the graphic novel. Thankfully, Scott Pilgrim is such a fun game that you won’t even notice or care.

Graphics/Audio: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is straight up old school using 16-bit graphics. Even with these graphics, this game looks beautiful. The characters are well designed but still looks and feels like an old arcade game that could be spotted in pizza shops or laundry mats. This is all thanks to the world famous pixel artist, Paul Robertson and many others. The crisp graphics make this game a pleasure to look at and that’s not all that. The music has to be by far, some of the best I’ve heard for a game title. Pretty much, it’s just epic music and doesn’t stop until you stop playing. From the start and all the way to the end of the credits, your ears are blessed with a soundtrack of legendary proportions. I know that me and a couple of my friends have downloaded the entire soundtrack just because of how amazing it is. It’s pretty obvious that time was spend on it. 

If you like simple yet addictive games, I would highly recommend this. Great graphics, epic soundtrack, easy to pick up gameplay and a nice game to play with your buddies. I mean, for a game with such a simple concept, this is pure gold. The only quarrels I have about Scott Pilgrim are that for one, there’s no online play and that the difficulty is pretty high. Yes, it would be fun to have your friends come over and play but if you don’t have friends close by or something like that, you have to play all by yourself. As for the difficulty, even on easy, you’ll find yourself replaying a level because the boss killed off all your lives. Other than that, it’s a keeper. And for only 1200 Microsoft points and $12.00 for the PSN, this game is a steal. I give Scott Pilgrim vs. The world: The Game for the Xbox 360 9 out of 10.