Scribblenauts Remix Review


5th Cell/ Iron Galaxy Studios


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Release Date:

October 11, 2011






Puzzle action



-Samer Farag

I’m going to be honest with you: My $25 iTunes Gift Card has caused me to do a lot of iOS gaming lately. My next game I picked up after Infinity Blade 2 was Scribblenauts Remix. I was surprised it was on the App Store; I remembered it being a Nintendo exclusive at first, but I suppose things changed. But for a $1, it was a steal and I wasn’t about to let it slip by me.

The premise of Scribblenauts is to solve puzzles by writing words. These words then become objects and people that appear in the game. For example, write “dog,” and a dog will appear. There are two things that make this concept, frankly, extraordinary: The first is that these objects will interact realistically. Say you wrote “dog,” then “bone,” and put the bone next to the dog. The dog will run up and chew on it. There are all manners of interactions, ranging from simple to complex and they’re fascinating to watch, even interact with.

The second is that Scribblenauts Remix takes from Super Scribblenauts and adds adjectives. So rather than just “dog”, you could write a “giant awesome zombie dog,” and it will appear. The objects you can create are almost limitless; minus proper nouns and adult words.

Scribblenauts Remix improves upon the original and its sequels in a variety of ways. The first is the improved visuals, which are now in hi-definition. This is a definite improvement for those who played the original and players will see that Maxwell, the protagonist, hasn’t looked any better than this. The second is the controls which is a huge help since you’re playing on a iPhone/iTouch. While Max can be difficult to make jump and the like, the virtual keyboard makes typing objects a breeze and it can be done at a fraction of the time that the DS versions needed. This version also includes Facebook integration, allowing you to share photos that you’ve taken of your zany exploits. And lastly, what I consider most important, the game comes with free expansion packs for new puzzles every so often. This ensures that you never run out of puzzles to solve.


  • -Infinite replayability
  • -Great for quick sessions
  • -Definitive version


  • -Controls can be iffy at times

I’d be surprised if you get past the menu screen though, because the awesome sandbox mode that lets you experiment and create scenarios as much as you want. That is Scribblenaut Remix’s greatest strength. It is perfect for some playground-like, replayable fun and it is the perfect hand-held game for those who like to get creative. While it isn’t exactly a game so much as it is a literal virtual sandbox, per say, it is great when you have ten or fifteen minutes of downtime. So get to it! I wholly recommend it to any and all iOS gamers.

Verdict: 90%

Scribblenauts Remix Gameplay

Samer seems to be our main iOS go to guy. First Infinity Blade, now Scribblenauts…he knows how to pick good games. For any owners of the iPhone or iTouch, would you pick up this fun and addictive puzzle game?