Seems like Killer Instinct isn't out of the picture yet.

-Marcus Lawrence

A couple of weeks ago, a former Rare employee talked about games that were “cancelled” or put on hold. One of those titles was the classic fighting game Killer Instinct. With Microsoft owning Rare, the possibility of a new Killer Instinct game didn’t seem likely.

However, it seems that Killer Instinct isn’t quite dead yet. Earlier today, news got out that Microsoft renewed the Killer Instinct trademark. PlayXBLA, a news portal that is ran by Microsoft revealed the information. Of course, it was also proven to be true with the official September 12th listing by the United States Patent & Trademark Office or USPTO.

Does this mean a sequel is in the works? Or maybe even a HD remake including both games? At this point and time, not too many people know since Microsoft hasn’t responded concerning this matter. The only thing we do know is that Microsoft renewed the trademark for a reason. Let’s hope it was a good one.

We’ll keep you fans and followers updated when we hear more but in the meantime, what do YOU think this could mean?