Sega Experiences Mixed Results from Restructuring

-Greg Livingston

For the first half of the 2012 fiscal year, Sega Sammy Holdings reported revenue losses and increased profits. Sega lost 10% of its revenue, a $1.7 billion loss, while it gained 2.7% in profits, a $48 million gain.

This follows Sega’s internal restructuring to place focus on digital content and reduce publishing costs. As Sega stated in a press release at the time, “It is essential to streamline [our] organisation in the field of home video game software, while shifting to a structure that corresponds to a change in environment, including strengthening development in the field of digital content.”

Sega also reported that Phantasy Star Online 2 has reached 1 million users, performing better than Sega’s initial estimates. Phantasy Star Online 2 itself is digitally distributed.