Shoot Many Robots Review


Demiurge Studios



Release Date:

April 6, 2012


Action, RPG, Indie


XBLA, PSN, Steam



-Calvin Tomlinson

Shoot many robots pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a 4 player co-op side scrolling run and gun shooter where, surprisingly enough, you shoot MANY robots. This game is another that I would strongly recommend playing with friends. The levels are fairly simple, ranging from “run left and shoot everything” to “shoot everything and survive”, which makes the game seem fairly repetitive, that’s because it is. That being said, it’s real fun, a strong point of the game is the equipment system. Players can customize their characters with a multitude of hats, torso pieces, trousers, and most importantly, primary and secondary weapons. But the choices you can make aren’t your average armour sets. For example, my character runs around in speedos, an Indiana Jones like fedora and a kitty backpack, and he’s equipped with a gnome rocket launcher. As you can probably gather from that, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is why, despite the repetitive nature of it, it’s so fun. 

Weapons and armour are unlocked while you play through the levels by opening up crates, and then you need to save your “bolts” (the game’s form of currency) in order to buy them after the game’s ended. There are literally thousands of combinations, with new pieces being unlocked all the time. The weapons range from rocket launchers, to flamethrowers and assault rifle, as well as the less serious ones, like the gnome launcher I mentioned and freeze ray. The armour all have different bonuses to your character as well, with things like the ability to slide, hover or slam, and passive skills like damage and health upgrades. Everyone will find the combos they want and play the game their way.

Now, when I picked up this game on Steam I was a little worried about the controls. They decided against adding controller support, and in my opinion, twin stick controls seemed like the perfect set-up for this game. That being said, the controls for PC work really well, with the mouse controlling your aim and A and D for your movement, and Space for jump. That being said, I have heard a few complaints about the console controls, apparently a lot of the controls have been set to the face buttons, which in certain situations means the player needs to be bashing multiple face keys in quick succession, BUT I haven’t had first-hand experience at this, maybe someone else has and can pass a better judgement than me. 

As I’ve said, this game is best enjoyed with friends, mainly because you can all just relax and enjoy the game whilst you laugh at each other’s ridiculous combinations, but also because the matchmaking system decides to pair you, as a newer player, up with some Level 50’s with top gear who are playing on Insane difficulty. That seems to be the only real problem I’ve come across, and considering the £6.99 price tag it’s a nice little bargain that even if you enjoy for a just a few hours, is well worth the money.

A nice little touch for this game is the art style, it’s been described as a 2D Borderlands, which fits the graphics perfectly, it’s a really pleasant looking game and that just makes it a little more enjoyable to play.

Verdict: 75%

Shoot Many Robots - Launch Trailer

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