Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Info Leaked Early

-Samer Farag

New info on the Skyrim DLC Dragonborn has been leaked by a beta tester of the expansion pack.

First to be revealed is that dragons can indeed now be ridden. There is an achievement included in the game called DragonRider, which one can obtain by taming and riding five dragons. 

Spears are included, but are only usable by enemies. When picked up by the player, the spear is converted to an arrow. (Lame!) 

The expansion can be started at any time, but will vary slightly if completed after defeating Alduin. The beta tester has stated that he has put 30 hours into the DLC, and still hasn’t finished. Also mentioned was a quest called “Ebony Warrior,” that can only be started if the player-character has reached level 81.

New shouts are also included: Cyclone, a shout that creates a tornado, and Battle Fury, which has the ability to buff your follower(s). Lastly is the Dragon Aspect, which automatically gives you Dragon Armor, stronger shouts and melee strikes, and a previous Dragonborn that is summoned to join in battle. 

New armor to be included: Deathbrand, Bonemould, Chitin, Carved Nordic, and Morag Tong, as well as Telvanni and Mirak robes. Bethesda is definitely not letting the semi-Morrowind setting go to waste.

New spells include Pison Rune, Ash Shell, and Whirlwind Cloak, with Waterwalking also making a reappearance. 

Lastly are new dragon types, and other enemies, such as Dwemer automatons, Morag Tong Fighters, Ash Spawn, werebears (YES) and Lurkers.

Wow! That’s quite a bit of stuff, even for an expansion. You excited yet?